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I started this blog as a record of my journey in learning how to run. I hope my experience can help you too in your mission to get off the couch, start exercising and lose that extra layer.

My posts are honest and personal. I have divided them into three sections that comment on my emotions, the physical run (jog!) and tips for next time to help me improve my performance. I hope you can use these ideas to encourage and help you along in your couch to 5k journey.

Please share your experiences, ideas or questions in the comment section of each post.

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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Week 14

Week in Review:

As I am trying to get into the habit of running after work, on Monday I was out running before dinner. Unfortunately, it was still 34*C outside and the run was a true test. I was very hot, dehydrated and ready to stop at any moment. I was ready to finish the session at the 20 minute mark, however, I managed to mentally take hold of the situation and pushed myself right to 5kms!

I set myself 'mini-goals' of distances or times. When I reached these goals I willed myself to go that extra bit further. My jogging was slow and I was gasping because of the heat, but I made it. No other run can match this and now when I ever feel like stopping, I will remind myself of this run and how I made it.

Wednesday I was a bit naughty. I took the day off work to run (amongst other lazy reasons). Hehe. Instead of having 1km distance prompts, I changed the GPS to only prompt me when I reached 2.5kms. This was a great decision. I was jogging continuously with no mental thoughts of "Oh no, I have this long to go..." slowing my pace. Instead, I was running to one end of the path, turning around and heading back.

And then my next run was a few days (!) later, on Sunday morning. This time, however, the temperature had dropped down to the early 20s and this made a world of difference to my session. I ran my fastest time yet and when I arrived home I wasn't even tired. It was like I hadn't even gone and done a 5km jog! I never knew that temperature had such a dramatic effect. I thought I was taking longer than others to reach the 5kms in 30mins because of only my (lack of) ability! No, it is the Australian heat that has been testing me!

I was told (after this successful session) that as I have been training in the heat in summer (and pushing myself), my winter runs will be much easier and I will get through them with much more success.

Woo hoo! I can't wait to finally conquer this pace/distance.

I must get back into a routine of days when I run, at the moment it is a little bit all over the place and the weeks are not flowing onto each other evenly.

Day 1 (Monday evening): 5.0kms, 34mins, 6:48mins/km
Day 2 (Wednesday morning): 5.02kms, 32:57mins, 6:38mins/km
Day 3 (Sunday morning): 5.00kms, 31:45mins, 6:22mins/km